Personal Introduction

Paul Hartzer teaching
Thank you for visiting my online teaching portfolio. I hope it gives you an idea of my perspectives, background, and goals as an educator.
I have been a secondary teacher for five years now. During this time, I have worked in a variety of educational settings and interacted with a variety of students. I have seen students who have given up on their education, and students who work hard toward their dreams and goals. I have been a confidant, a mentor, and a rock of stability in an otherwise shifting world.
As I've developed as a teacher, I've honed my understanding of mathematics as an object of instruction. As I work with students, I challenge myself to see mathematics as they do: To see their confusion and their frustration. I have found that if I were to simply assume the reasons for a student's confusion, I would often miss the mark. By listening to students as they work through their errors, I help not just those students but future students as well.
Classroom Entry
I am endorsed in the State of Michigan to teach Mathematics and English Language Arts at the secondary (6-12) level. I received my certification from Wayne State University as part of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship, a program designed specifically for career-changers to teach in STEM fields. My current primary teaching interest is mathematics, as reflected in the documents in this site, but I am also interested in teaching English.
Prior to becoming a secondary teacher, I was in the business sector, with more than a decade of experience in database management, market research, and computer programming. In my corporate career, I consistently excelled in providing a solid understanding of mathematical concepts as they applied to my work. I also routinely developed educational materials such as training manuals. I believe the best society is one in which everyone shares their knowledge and expertise.
For more on my personal philosophies about teaching mathematics, please read my Teaching Philosophy or Teaching and Learning Statement. If you have any further questions, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.