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Other Cultures and Math

I’ve mentioned in class that German uses slightly different symbols than we do. Here’s a screen shot from a German video on linear functions.

Most of this is recognizable. The 1s are different than ours, but there are two bigger differences:

  1. The original problem is: Given the point \(P(1, 2)\) and the slope \(m = -2\), what is the graph? In this case, the point is given as \(P(1|2)\).
  2. In the last step of solving for b, instead of writing \(+2\) on both sides, the instructor wrote \(| +2\) to the right of the entire equation.

I find it interesting to look at how other countries and cultures represent mathematics. The notation is indeed a language, and like any language there are variations around the world. The underlying concepts are universal, though.

Week of Nov 27, 2017

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Topic: Graphing radical functions
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Topic: Solving radical equations (two radicals)
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