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End of First Quarter

The first quarter officially ended November 8. I will accept work towards the first quarter marking period until I leave the building on Friday, November 10. The last official grade of the first quarter are the reteaching sheets I handed out on Monday; the Kuta worksheets assigned on Wednesday will count toward the second quarter.

Delta Math

All students are expected to join the appropriate class on Delta Math. There will be assignments; students are also encouraged to use the resources for additional study.

To join your class, go to

If you have an existing account, log on and add my teacher code; if you don’t, create one. The teacher code is 559492

There is an assignment that is automatically assigned when you join. To receive full credit, complete a total of 10 total problems (of 16 assigned). Additional exercises earn extra credit. However, only the first four problems you complete in each section will be counted. This assignment is due Monday, October 16.

Khan Academy

All students are expected to join the Khan Academy Algebra II class. There will be assignments; students are also encouraged to use this resource for further study.

To join Mr. Hartzer’s class, login at and select “Coaches”. Then enter this under “Join a class”: VR3JMK94

Note that you will not automatically receive assignments that were given before you joined; I’ll have to assign them to you manually.

The first required assignment is on matrices. You must complete a total of four points worth of exercises for full credit; additional exercises earn extra credit! Note that for this assignment, you must complete the exercise, but you don’t have to get 100%.

This is due Friday, October 13.

1 point exercises
Matrix Dimensions
Matrix Elements
Add & Subtract Matrices

2 point exercises
Multiply Matrices by Scalars
Matrix Equations: Addition & Subtraction

4 point exercise
Multiply Matrices