Khan Academy

All students are expected to join the Khan Academy Algebra II class. There will be assignments; students are also encouraged to use this resource for further study.

To join Mr. Hartzer’s class, login at and select “Coaches”. Then enter this under “Join a class”: VR3JMK94

Note that you will not automatically receive assignments that were given before you joined; I’ll have to assign them to you manually.

The first required assignment is on matrices. You must complete a total of four points worth of exercises for full credit; additional exercises earn extra credit! Note that for this assignment, you must complete the exercise, but you don’t have to get 100%.

This is due Friday, October 13.

1 point exercises
Matrix Dimensions
Matrix Elements
Add & Subtract Matrices

2 point exercises
Multiply Matrices by Scalars
Matrix Equations: Addition & Subtraction

4 point exercise
Multiply Matrices

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